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Baring our Heart & Soul

The ecoms vision is to consistently deliver innovative webhosting and databased solutions which thrive in an everchanging environment. It is our vision to nurture vibrant electronic communities that grow with the energy of life, embracing the future. We create electronic environments which increasingly draw the world's people together.

Ecoms is committed to respecting each projects individual requirements.  Listening, analysing and understanding are the core responsibilities of our service to you, as this allows us to honestly embrace each project.  Encompassing team spirit, we work closely with you to reach your vision, striving for excellence in everything we do.

We create evolving communities focused on helping people gather, interpret and share a wealth of timely information.  The kinds of communities that promote new partnerships which continually develop.

We are excited that each project offers the potential to showcase what we do best.  The sites we develop reflect our combined passion and talents, as we create with a form that embodies our impression of the web's magic as well as the mark of our own spirit.

Ecoms embraces exceptional, personalised, and friendly service, providing innovative solutions to our globally diverse clientele.

We intrinsically believe in what we do, investing in innovation, and encouraging experimentation within the systems utilised to develop diverse communities.  We offer a competent, results-oriented organisation - a one-stop resource network to help you create new bridges, refine those already in place, and comprehensively connect people within your electronic community in a responsive and flexible manner.

If you would like to talk more about the options we can offer your business, please email Michael Merlin