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We write computer programs in all shapes and forms... from databased desktop applications to websites.

We create electronic communties, where people can easily interact with each other, and your company, in an easily managed environment.

We can help improve the quality and timeliness of information available within your company, leading to better decision making, and ultimately greater profitability. A common theme is the reduction of paperwork and/or repetitive tasks. The beauty of information stored in databases and electronic documents is that the data exists in one central location but can be shared and worked upon by many.

Programs we have developed often become integral parts of the companies we work for.

When building an electronic solution for you, we offer a host of strategies to best suit your needs. These may include some or all of the following:

  • Systems Analysis & Design
    • a detailed look at your company's goals, internal processes, and the dynamics of your industry help us to understand your business requirements and priorities, and plan a new or improved electronic system

  • Database Design
    • A database often forms the electronic foundation for your company's information management needs

  • User Interface Design
    • designing the look and feel of a program or website, incorporating graphics and visual layout, so that it is easy to use and interact with

  • e-commerce
    • secure electronic order fulfilment and payment systems
    • B2B enabled business: EDI and/or XML transmitted to trading partners helps integrate logistics and general information flow between the databases of you and your suppliers and customers
    • audited stock control systems

  • Intranet / Extranet development
    • collect and share information between employees and trading partners in a web environment, linked to a back end database such as SQL Server 

  • Website Development / Electronic Community building
    • custom designed sites to help achieve your strategic goals

  • Component Engineering
    • creating reusable, self-contained programmable objects

  • Digital Imaging
    • creating original photographs, video, artwork and visual elements that project your company image!

We have developed software for many companies, including: